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Semi-Retired after 35+ years in Television, Theatre & Audio Visual Integration. Now exploring the exciting world of Online & Affiliate Marketing...

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About Me

John Poynton is a veteran of the television industry, having worked for 35+ years in the field. He has managed production and post-production teams, written scripts and created content for broadcast internationally.

After retiring from his career in TV, he became interested in teaching others how to grow their own online businesses. John has been an entrepreneur all his life; starting with a small business at age 16 while still attending school and now exploring Online Marketing as well as teaching students how to create their own profitable online business.

It was his early success as a sole trader that led to an interest in online marketing. Having seen the potential of the internet, John set up a number of websites about television topics, which he later sold. As well as learning about affiliate marketing and selling digital products, he works with other entrepreneurs who want to market their own products themselves or sell through affiliate programs.

About Me

Semi-Retired after 35+ years in Television, Theatre & Audio Visual Integration
Now exploring the exciting world of Online & Affiliate Marketing


Staying in your comfort zone means you’re accepting the things that are most comfortable to you. Some people might think

It is often said that customers buy from people that they know, like, and trust. A blog is a great

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