In order to get the best out of yourself, you need to get out of your comfort zone. You might be surprised by what you can achieve when you challenge yourself!

Is Your Comfort Zone Holding You Back?

Blogs can be a great way to give your company a relatable and friendly voice, communicating personally and being a trustworthy expert in your industry field.

Why your Business Needs a Blog

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Your Next Must-Read Book

Search intent is the end goal of a search user, the exact type of information a user is looking to receive in search results.

What is Search Intent?

People LOVE taking quizzes. Look at the millions of quizzes online and you’ll see … People LOVE learning more about ONE subject in particular (Me, Myself, and I!)  Why? According to TIME Inc., 40% of the words we say in our lives are about ourselves. Additionally, we release a hormone called serotonin that helps us regulate our

Take the “Funnel Type” Quiz

Whether you think money is something to be saved, shared or spent, your mindset about money has a profound effect on how well you manage it.

Is Your Money Mindset Sabotaging Your Finances

Customers are a valuable asset to your business, adding value to them will have much more of an impact than just treating them like any other traffic source

Customers – Your Most Valuable List

When we falter, it’s easy to let our negative thoughts get the best of us. One swift criticism or rude comment could trigger a spiral into anxiety and insecurity about not being liked by anyone at all. That may be true sometimes – no one is likeable 100% of the time! But when you need

Rebuilding Your Self-Worth

Groove is a suite of online tools designed for online business owners without the expensive price tag and complexity. In fact, Groove is not only easy to use while still providing the same features as more expensive programs; it’s also free!

Get into the ‘Groove’

There are so many different reasons that lead us to procrastinate at times – but usually it falls into one of six categories

Why Do You Procrastinate?

5 Ways to Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Maintaining A Healthy Work – Life Balance

Sometimes we need to stop and think about what it is that makes us happy. What are our passions? How can we make the most of them in order to live a life driven by purpose?

Live Your Life with Purpose