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Customers – Your Most Valuable List

You’ve heard the phrase 'the money is in the list'.

In other words, your mailing list subscribers have value, and that couldn't be truer than with your Customer List!
These are people who have spent their hard-earned cash with you once - so what's stopping them from doing it again?
The answer: Nothing.

Your customers are your most valuable asset because they already know, like & trust you. They're invested in you and will spend time giving feedback, as well as spreading word about how much you 'rock' on Social Media for all their friends to see (and hopefully become new clients)!

As you interact with your customers more, it is only natural that they will be drawn to learn more about you and what products and services you have to offer. This provides concrete evidence to them of the value of your business model, which entices them into deeper interaction with your company.

Mailing to your customer list is much more effective than mailing anywhere else. With a regular offer, you can expect around 2% conversion from visitors into sales. But when using your buyer list, the conversions are often double or even triple that rate because they signed up to hear about offers like yours and they're interested in their favorite brand!

It doesn't a huge list of buyers before you make some good money off of this strategy - so it's important not only for growing your customer base, but also as a quick revenue-generator.

Another perk of having your customers as followers is their potential to be strong advocates and make you look good online. If you treat your customers well, they are more likely to share their positive experiences with others and tell the world how much they love what you have to offer.

How do you get more customers?

Create a valuable offer that is related to your opt-in offer and promote it. There are many ways to convert your subscribers into buyers - Add a special promotion to your emails, Promote the offer on your 'Thank You' page, Or, you could send a special note to customers thanking them for signing up and offering a discount on their next purchase.

The point is that as customers are a valuable asset to your business, adding value to them will have much more of an impact than just treating them like any other traffic source.
But don't take my word for it!
Try it out for yourself - I'm sure that with your customers as allies, you'll see some great results in a short amount of time.

What can you do today to grow your customer list?


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