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What does the name Vidnami mean?

The name Vidnami comes from combining the word “Video” and the Japanese word for wave “Nami” and it relates to the idea of using video to creating a positive wave of influence in the world.

Automatic Captioning

Vidnami automatically transcribes your clips and effortlessly creates captions. This can help with the visibility & retention of your message

Intelligent Clip Selection

Vidnami uses artificial intelligence to ‘read' your text and automatically selects video clips from our library of around 800,000+ Royalty Free clips.

You can also upload your own video clips & graphics to get exactly the resources needed to tell your story

No Video Editing Necessary

Vidnami automatically combines your text, clips, voice track and music. No video editing experience needed - if you want to change the footage that the AI suggests it is as simple & clicking the scene & then selecting an alternative.

Make It Your Own

Easily add your logo, pick colors, select different fonts, and insert your own vision, graphics and music to make your video unique.

Lifetime Discount Offer

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