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I recently heard about a clever way to build your Email List for free & thought it was worth sharing

There's a guy who doesn't have his own product or a website ... Not even a squeeze page, yet he's building an email list of buyers in a self-funding way.

That is ... He's making as much or more money than he spends on traffic to build his list!

Have you heard of
It's a great suite of more than 50 tools you can use to track, test, target & optimize your clicks. But it also allows you to place a pop-up on any page that you like.

Free Email List Building

So ... you're promoting XYZ product.
You have your affiliate page & you know how it converts.
Then you go to a site like Udimi and buy solo ads & send that traffic to your XYZ affiliate page.

BUT on your affiliate page, you place your pop-up that collects the buyer's email address

The XYZ affiliate page becomes YOUR landing page!

The sales generated pay for your traffic - without you needing to write copy, deal with customer service
or any of the hassles

And that is what this guy is doing to build his list

He offers an awesome Lead Magnet related to the XYZ product, & when they grab this he has their email ...
whether they end up buying XYZ or not!

But what if they don't buy or sign up to his list?

He also uses for retargeting.
This allows him to bring interested traffic back to his XYZ affiliate page & it only costs a few cents per visitor and generates more sign-ups & sales.

Then one more twist ...

He visits & enters the XYZ sales page (without the affiliate link) & finds the top referring sites for that offer. Then he'll go to those same referring sites & buys that same traffic - but sends it via HIS affiliate link.

Some creative targeting brings more sales & sign-ups to the email list.

All you need to get started with this clever business model is an autoresponder to capture your new email subscribers, and an account with

As long as you know your numbers and make sure that your sales cover the traffic, you can list-build as much as you like.

I would love to hear about your success


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