A complete review of Fusedd affiliate marketing software

Finally a software solution that automates the entire creation of profitable affiliate marketing campaigns

Fusedd Review

'Gurus' Mark Bishop, Venkata Ramana and Nakul N have released a brand new marketing software that claims to automate the entire commission generating marketing process ...


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What is Fusedd?

Fusedd is an automated marketing software tool.
The software enables you to set up marketing campaigns in just 3 steps:

  • Selecting a product
  • Creating a category (bridge page)
  • Traffic Generation (paid traffic)

Specifically, Fusedd focuses on offers that generate a commission without having to make a sale. You promote offers that pay you for sending prospects that perform an ‘action’ rather than having to make a purchase.

That action could be entering an email address for a ‘free trial’ of something or entering their ‘address’ for a free sample. Anything like that.

This is important because when you don’t have to make sales, it makes conversions much easier

Fusedd then sets up ‘done for you’ category bridge pages (where you drive traffic to) and ‘done for you’ ads; using one of the top paid traffic sources that i’ll not reveal at this stage as it would be unfair on the product creators.

Both the ‘done for you’ pages and ‘done for you’ ads are superb. They are generated instantly and are super high quality. Honestly, when it comes to setting up campaigns, Fusedd will save you a ton of time…

When everything is switched on and your paid ads are setup, your promotional campaign is up and running. This can all be done very quickly!

Can you make money with Fusedd?

Absolutely. The software follows a proven formula, simply automating the steps involved. At the end of the day, you’re driving traffic to high converting bridge pages that promote proven offers. That method works!

Of course you will need to do a bit of work to amend your bridge pages and you’ll need a bit of money to ‘switch on’ the paid ads. So if you don’t have a single penny to invest in traffic, this might not be for you.

BUT if you do have money for the paid ads, of course, you will make commissions with this. It’s a proven method and Fusedd simply joins up the dots.

And you don’t need tons of money either, you can get started with as little as $5…

Does Fusedd really work in just 3 steps?

Yes it does.

BUT like all software, you will need a bit of initiative (Fusedd does 99% of the work for you) to select a product, make some minor changes to the ‘done for you’ category pages and switch on paid traffic. But the key thing to remember here is that this software massively speeds up the process for you.

Who created Fusedd?

Fusedd is developed and marketed by experienced affiliates Mark Bishop, Vekata Ramana and Nakul N.
What I really like about Fusedd is that the creators are not successful marketers and developers; having created some of the best automated affiliate marketing platforms available. These guys have a track record of success and after testing Fusedd, this is another winner!

In Summary…

Do you need Fusedd to make money commissions? Of course not, everything that the software does can be done manually.

BUT will you do it as fast or as well without the software? Not a chance! If you did all the work that Fusedd does manually, it would take you weeks as an experienced marketer and months as a newbie! The ‘done for you’ elements of Fusedd are also super high quality which is no surprise considering the developers know the marketing game inside out!

That means Fusedd is a useful addition to the marketing arsenal for experienced marketers and an invaluable asset for newbies. If you haven’t yet made a commission yet (or have just made a handful) this software will help you succeed, 100%

Want to know more … Watch the video below:


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