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Go Left When Everyone Else Goes Right

I want to share with you something that has been on my mind lately. Indeed, it is something that I believe will really help you in your Internet Marketing business and help you to take it to the next level. Especially if you find yourself in a position where you generate some results but not where you want to be.

It is the idea of not needing to do what everybody else is doing – in business and life.
Being alright with going left when everybody else is going right.
It can be a challenging thing to do and extremely scary.
But sometimes, it's what you have to do if you want to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself, your business and your life.

I am a Solo Ad marketer.
I get the majority of my traffic from Solo Ads;
Most of my leads from Solo Ads;
Some CPA networks at times - but usually, I use Solo Ads, and they have worked exceptionally well for me.
I've managed to build a list of over 17,000 people.
I've managed to do well in my business, bringing in roughly $3,000 - $5,000 per month consistently - and Solo Ads have been the backbone.

But for the longest time, I've had anxiety that I was doing something wrong because I was using Solo Ads.
Almost everybody else in the industry was using Facebook Ads;
Everybody else was using Twitter;
Everybody else was constantly talking about Social Media being where you had to go to generate traffic.

I'm not telling you that you have to use Solo Ads or that you have to use Facebook or Twitter.
It is best to look at your personality type and what resonates with you.
What makes you comfortable.
What you're comfortable implementing in your business.
And when you look in the mirror, you have to be willing to make decisions based on who you are and what experiences you've had that have led to the choices you've made.

Returning to the Solo Ads example:

I found that I was completely uncomfortable with being successful with Solo Ads.

  • I was generating leads.
  • I was making sales.
  • I was actually in profit.
  • And I was building an email list.

But because everybody was talking about Facebook, Solo Ads was not what you want to focus on. It took me a long time to accept that Solo Ads were an excellent way to build my business and scale it to the next level.  
And that discomfort was based on that part of me wanting to go in the same direction as everybody else. 

Be Different

But when I broke through that discomfort;

  • When I decided to take action based on what was working for me;
  • To take action based on what felt correct for me and what resonated with my personality.
  • When I decided to go all-in and scale my business with Solo Ads and use them as my primary method of traffic generation;
  • To stop messing around on a small level;
  • To stop listening to what everybody else was saying;
  • And take my business to the next level using Solo Ads;

Everything shifted, and good things started to happen.
I started making sales and I hit the leader-boards
I started making profits and higher ticket sales because I had a larger volume of new customers.

Sometimes you have to Choose another Path

I was right in making the decision that I wouldn't conform to what everybody else was saying, and I wasn't going to go down the same path that everybody else was taking. And making that decision is when everything shifted for me.

Often, I've made decisions that went against the grain and against what everybody else told me to do. I wasn't afraid to decide to go left when everyone else was going right.

I highly recommend you looking at your business - at your life - and notice where you are influenced in ways that aren't serving you - trying to make decisions that other people want you to make -  that you don't want to make.

And then analyze whether that's the decision that is going to serve you best.
Or whether you're just trying to go in the same direction as everybody else.

Don't be afraid to go left when everybody else is going right.
Make your decisions based on what feels correct for you, not what others tell you to do.


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