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Is Your Comfort Zone Holding You Back?

Staying in your comfort zone means you’re accepting the things that are most comfortable to you. Some people might think this safe space is great, but it can often be frustrating. Not only does this mental space not help with personal growth, but it also limits the time & effort put into things.

We all want to be successful, but the truth is that it does not come easy. To grow in life, we need to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and challenge our current beliefs.

Don’t Allow Fear to Keep You Stuck

When you let fear govern your life, you’ll remain in a safe place even when it’s clear that this is not the best approach. You’ll be influenced by other people’s opinion and let them decide where to take your future.

On the other hand, exposing yourself to different situations will give you more courage to do what you want. You won’t need to do things because someone else wants you too. This gives you the confidence to face challenges, solve problems & learn new skills

You Grow When You Expand Your Zone of Comfort

Life Begins at the end of your Comfort Zone

Humans are creatures of habit, which means that we are all comfortable in our comfort zones. But if we go through life in this way, we will only ever be mediocre at best. We need to step outside our comfort zones and take risks in order to reap the rewards in life.

Once your comfort zone is extended, it’s time to grow. You can find your purpose, live your dreams, and conquer goals and objectives without being stuck in the past. Leaving your comfort zone is the only way to truly grow and thrive as you expand your knowledge and skills in life.

You Stagnate When You Don’t Move Forward

Staying in your comfort zone is a surefire way to stagnate your life. It can lead to poor decisions that might have otherwise been avoided. It may also cause a person to distance themselves from loved ones and friends. Fearing the unknown can keep you from taking risks that may turn out to be great decisions. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you move forward with enthusiasm and confidence.

Fear Can Be Good

Being afraid isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, fear can be a good thing when it helps you avoid danger. The key to knowing if it’s good or bad is to analyze it each time you feel fear. This analysis enables you to determine if it’s a reasonable fear that you should listen to. If it isn’t a rational fear, you can then find ways to move past it safely.

Study The Facts

When you feel fear but study the facts, you can make good choices, even as you feel scared. Examining the facts of what’s causing anxiety will enable you to push yourself slightly outside of your comfort zone in a safe way. You don’t have to rush or expand your comfort zone by leaps and bounds. Consistently taking small steps will still lead you to reach all your goals and expand your comfort zone.

If you suffer from anxiety, leaving your comfort zone can feel like an extreme step to take. But, the truth is, if you continue to allow your fears to control you, you will never get anywhere in life. Fear will keep you right where you are today.  Can you imagine living as you are today for the next 30-50 or more years?

You are the only person who can control your life. If you want to be more, have more, live more, you have to make a choice to step out of your comfort zone. You have to choose to move forward, tipping your toes in new waters to try new things. Have the courage to take that step today. You deserve to be happy and to reach every goal you want to achieve.


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