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We're very lucky today because my guest is Laura Casselman, who's the CEO, Chief Executive Officer, of JVZoo. Hello, Laura, and welcome.

Hello. Thank you for having me.

You've given up some time in your very busy day to join us and explain about JVZoo and your role there. I've got to ask you what you did before you discovered internet marketing and JVZoo?

Yeah, so I've only been with JVZoo for a little over four years now. Previously, I not only was in New York city dancing professionally with the Radio City Rockettes, but I was also simultaneously building my corporate resume. So I would work three months with the Rockettes each year, and then I would go and work in corporate America the rest of the time.

It is a pretty fantastic troupe, isn't it?

It is. It is the world's most famous precision dance troupe. It’s been around since the 1930's and if we had to relate it to something you may know in Europe, it would be the Tiller Girls.

That's such a big contrast from your business world. How do you fit both things in?

Well, I don't sleep a lot, number one. I never have. I truly believe that, as human beings, we don't need to fit into boxes. We can use both sides. I have a very creative and a very analytical side and for me to be fulfilled, I need to exercise both of those, so I was really fortunate to be able to do that. Of course, I worked in the dance world for years to work my way up to the Rockettes. When I made the Rockettes, it is a Christmas show and while you sign a year long contract, you're only required to work the Christmas Spectacular.

Well, you're certainly a very driven person and a very dynamic person. I know that from reading your resume. How did you discover the world of internet marketing or information marketing? How did that knock on the door?

Certainly. So in the early 2000s, during the dot-com bubble, I was married to Chad Casselman, who is of course the original developer and the Chairman currently of JVZoo. But Chad and I had companies together. We worked in this together. So I always knew that I never only wanted to dance and so when I get around people that have information I don't have, I usually want to ask a million questions and absorb it all and study. When Chad was getting his master's degree in computer science, I never wanted him to not be able to speak to me about it, so I would go to Barnes & Noble, the bookstore, and I would get the books. I'm a speed reader, so I would read them all, making tonnes of notes on Java, JavaBeans, .NET, all the coding he was learning, so that I would understand it as well.

Now, the business of JVZoo is kind of the success engine between the internet, or information market, or as somebody who's got a product, or some software. It's the engine in the middle of getting that to the market and really enlisting an army of people to sell your product on your behalf. I've kind of put it in a nutshell, but tell me how you started and what JVZoo actually does in more detail.

You identify a problem and you provide a solution, which is what most internet marketers are doing

Sure. So JVZoo started with our founders who were internet marketers who were having issues with the current platform they were using. It didn't do everything they wanted it to do. They kept requesting new features, and they weren't getting them and so they solved their own problems, which is the great way to start any fabulous product, right? You identify a problem and you provide a solution, which is what most internet marketers are doing. So they identified their own problem in this industry, and they created the solution.

They were very fortunate to have perfect timing, so to speak. They easily recruited people over onto JVZoo because people, en masse, in internet marketing had the same problems. What the platform, in short, does, is it takes product owners, it introduces them to affiliates or internet marketers who have a list of buyers, and then they can create a joint venture seamlessly on our platform. All the tracking, everything, is there so no one has to worry about anything. And together, they can build businesses and make money.

This is excerpt from Laura's full interview available on the Marketing Master's Podcast 


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