Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs

And The Brutal Consequences Of Not Overcoming Them.

Today, I'd like to talk about mindset. Specifically, two potentially limiting beliefs that not only Internet Marketers can face, but ones that I think we all have, or maybe have experienced in our everyday lives. And I am no exception to this.

It is essential to define and acknowledge these limiting beliefs and the potentially harmful effects on our business. We want to avoid the natural tendency to run away from limiting beliefs.

Limiting Belief #1: Whether You Can

The first limiting belief is 'Whether You Can'. Whether you can do that specific thing you've been thinking about, you keep putting it off due to uncertainty within your mindset. You are hesitant to take action. There is always that one looming out of your comfort zone action that you are grasping for in your business, in your marketing, or maybe just in your general life, that you keep putting off due to the fear of 'Whether Or Not You Can' or 'Whether Or Not You Believe You Can.'

This limiting belief is responsible for holding so many people back from taking action.
If you don't believe that a positive result will occur when you take a particular action, it makes it extremely difficult to take that action.

I've heard my mentor discuss how he struggled with this limiting belief when he was getting ready to launch a multi-million dollar business, The Super Affiliate Network. My mentor talked about how, before the launch of his online opportunity, he had experienced a high level of success promoting other people's products as an affiliate. And whilst he had also introduced some of his information products, he struggled with the limiting belief of 'Whether Or Not I Can' when launching his own online business.

  • Would people come on board with him?
  • Would his message resonate with them?
  • Could the affiliates that came on board be successful in promoting his Internet Marketing opportunity?

Less than a year into the launch of The Super Affiliate Network, so many of his members were continually breaking through and finding success by using his system, strategies, tactics, and actions on everything he teaches. And even with some new members quickly reaching the six and seven-figure income levels within thirty to sixty days of joining, my mentor still was dealing with these limiting beliefs - just on a different level.

So what worked for him?
Well, he forced himself to keep pushing through the resistance and the uncertainty every day while continuing to take action. He decided that he would not be able to live with himself if he didn't just go for it - Step out of his comfort zone, take the leap of faith and launch his own business. In the end, he decided he would much rather have tried and failed than to never try due to wondering 'Whether He Could Or Could Not' do it.

And guess what?
It worked! - Going for it paid off big-time!
He and his members are finding great success.

Just this story alone demonstrates the importance of overcoming a limiting belief.

Limiting Belief #2: Believing In The Ability Of Others.                 

The second limiting belief is one that both my mentor and I have experienced within the Internet Marketing industry and ultimately had to confront - The confidence in the ability of others, and in our industry, the ability of others to go out and execute.

 Let's face it -
The failure rate within the Internet Marketing world is exceptionally high; Many say as high as 97%. This high rate is generally not because it is super complicated, super technical, or any number of the reasons attributed to failure.

It is more that people don't get out and do what they have to do to find success.

My mentor discussed how, in his situation, he was hesitant to sell a $2,000.00 or a $5,000.00 offer to a higher ticket buyer - Primarily based on his limiting belief of the ability of others to go out and sell, to duplicate what he has done, to get positive results.

As a perfect example, a new client joined 'The Super Affiliate Network' after one month of my mentor launching his new venture. They immediately saw the value and upgraded to the Pro level, which was a $2,000.00 investment. They started making sales, implementing everything that my mentor teaches, and within a short time of upgrading, they had a $3,000.00 day.

So if my mentor had given in and run away from the first limiting belief of 'Whether I Can Or Can't', if he had never created 'The Super Affiliate Network', the member I just mentioned would not have had a $3,000.00 day. And if he had given in to the belief that others aren't able to step up and take whatever action is necessary - to overcome obstacles, and do whatever it takes to break through -  he would not have pushed that $2,000.00 sale. He would not have been comfortable taking the customer's order to upgrade to the Pro Level and bring them into the system at a higher level.


So, ultimately, he did believe in them and their ability, and it worked. The members had an experience that greatly impacted their lives, and my mentor felt good about making a higher ticket sale. Because he overcame his own limiting beliefs, many successful things happened.

In conclusion, I hope that you have realized that your beliefs will propel you toward success, or they are going to consistently and predictably hold you back from taking the action steps necessary to allow you to crush it in your business.

So, identify your limiting beliefs early on in your business. Be very aware of them and expect them to creep in at the most inconvenient times. And although you may not be able to overcome your limiting beliefs right away, what you can do is to suspend them temporarily so that you can get yourself into action mode.


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