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Live Your Life with Purpose

Finding your purpose in life can change everything. It can make your life immediately more meaningful, giving you a reason to bound out of bed in the morning rather than grouching your way to the coffee pot.

Living with purpose helps make bad moments easier and good moments even better. It helps us choose purposeful actions instead of purposeless ones.

Here are six strategies designed to help you identify your purpose and start living it at greater levels:

1.    Know Your Beliefs

Living with intent means understanding your personal values and beliefs. What is important to you? What really matters?

When you understand your beliefs, it becomes easier for make decisions that align with them, so that they win out over other thoughts or impulses in your life. You will gain respect and trust from others by living a grounded life on the basis of true integrity - even when difficult choices arise.

Ask yourself: What are my top 5 values, and which of these am I willing to live by no matter what? Am I true to them in every aspect of my life? If not, why do I feel that way?

If you don't know your beliefs, it's time to identify them. Otherwise they will be governed by other people or society at large - that isn't purposeful living.

2.    Get Clarity on Your Priorities

Your priorities are shaped by your purpose. Once you know your life purpose, it becomes easier to work out what you want to do and achieve your goals. This clarity means that saying 'No' to some things and a hearty 'Yes' to others becomes more natural, and you’ll get ahead much faster.

If you want your purpose to be clear, it must have a specific plan towards an achievable goal. You need to know what you’re getting out of the purpose, whether that's fulfillment (from helping others get ahead), income (from running a business) or both. This makes it much easier to prioritize your goals and live with purpose because you always have a purpose-centered end in sight. If you don’t set these kinds of goals for yourself, then life starts to feel like being on an emotional roller-coaster – all over the place, with no sign of where you will stop!


Live With Purpose

3.    Aim for Balance

Once you know what your life purpose is, some of the anxieties can go away. You don’t have to work twenty-four hours a day; instead, you make time for things like self-care and connecting with loved ones. However, this purpose alone isn’t enough to keep you in balance. The only reason it doesn’t result in burnout is because you’re forced to take breaks from purpose-driven activities.

Let the purpose guide your actions but not control them.

4.    Follow Your Passion

Identifying your passion can help you find your purpose in life, which increases the quality of your daily routine. New days are a full of possibilities and potential, which motivates you to take on more.

It doesn’t matter if you think you don't have a purpose or passion yet--the purpose is to find it. Many individuals and organizations do not know their purpose, but that doesn't mean there isn't one – purpose can be discovered.

5.    Feel Your Contentment

When you know your life’s purpose, it can give peace of mind during various different situations. When concerns arise that make even the happiest people feel down, know that there is a purpose for everything in life and trust it will all work out just fine. As a result, purpose can be very calming.

This is especially important to remember during rough times and periods of stress, when you’re prone to anxiety and depression because there are too many unknown variables in your life or the future seems bleak. It’s easier to look at purposeful happiness as a positive outlook on life and feeling content with what you have.

6.    Live in the Present

The best part about living your own purposes is that you never have to feel bad. As a result, regretting or dwelling on something (failures) becomes irrelevant because it doesn't define you. Challenges and setbacks become easier to handle because the purpose of life is not defined by what happened in the past, but instead focuses on your present moments in time. The ability to be plugged into the present (feel abundance), allows for a person to experience joy no matter what their situation may be.

Aim for balance by making purposeful goals and decisions , set priorities and define your goals , follow your passion , feel content with yourself and live in the present .

There is purpose in every situation and it will accompany you on your journey to success. Applying purpose to the daily aspects of life can make life more meaningful. With purpose, there is always a goal that drives your actions towards something greater than yourself.

It’s this belief in purpose that makes your work feel worthwhile.   


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