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10 Easy to Follow Mindfulness Tips

When it comes to mindfulness, it’s not just all about meditation. Mindfulness is the act of being in the present moment and feeling at peace with yourself and the world around you.

Here are some quick tips to help you start practising mindfulness…

1: Cut Back on Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking can make you feel like you’re staying on track with work, but it can also be a stressor. When you’re busy concentrating on so many different things, it’s challenging to be mindful.

2: Do Something You Love

Those who practice mindfulness often have a hobby they love, whether knitting or painting model trains. The act of working slowly on a project you enjoy can be a great way to boost your mindfulness.

3: Be Kind

Mindfulness is all about acceptance, which is hard to do when you’re being mean to yourself. Instead of being harsh on you when things go wrong, try showing yourself some compassion and kindness.

4: Learn to Breathe

While you breathe every day, you’re not concentrating on the action. When you start to get stressed, you may notice your heartbeat and breathing increasing. If you learn to control your breathing and even it out, it can help you be present and drown out negative thoughts.

5: Be Grateful

When you’re stressed, it’s hard to focus on things you’re grateful for. But doing this will change your perspective and leave you feeling better.

6: Watch Others

A great way to practice mindfulness is by focusing on other people. When you people-watch, you’re stepping outside of your own head and concentrating on someone else. Not only is it great for you mentally, but it’s also a fun way to pass the time.

7: Control Your Thoughts

One of the most essential mindfulness tips is learning how to control your thoughts. When your head is filled with thoughts of worry, it’s hard to be present. You can train your mind to calm down when your thoughts feel chaotic by listening to calming music, exercising, or meditating.

8: Be Aware

Don’t forget to keep all of your senses engaged. If you favor visuals, try concentrating on your auditory or feeling senses. These put you more in the present if you force yourself to focus on all of them.

9: Learn to Sit

Try taking ten minutes out of every day to sit. Clear your mind of positive and negative vibes, and just be in the moment. Concentrating on being mindful is the best way to achieve it.

10: Have Patience

Mindfulness takes practice, and you often notice subtle changes instead of big ones, especially when you first start. Just like when you exercise physically, it takes time to detect differences in your body. So practice mindfulness daily, and be patient for it to start showing effects.

When you first begin focusing on mindfulness, expect to feel uncomfortable at first. Just like you may have felt nervous learning to ride a bike, you may feel uneasy as you start becoming more mindful. However, if you sit with the feeling and don’t fight it, it will eventually dissipate, and you’ll feel good again.


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