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Rebuilding Your Self-Worth

When we falter, it’s easy to let our negative thoughts get the best of us. One swift criticism or rude comment could trigger a spiral into anxiety and insecurity about not being liked by anyone at all. That may be true sometimes – no one is likeable 100% of the time!

But when you need some quick reminders that life isn’t always good enough for everyone because they are struggling too, try these tips out:

Go into a Judgement-Free Zone

You know you’re in a depressing cycle, where your thoughts can’t seem to settle on what they should be. You already know that’s not how things are supposed to go. And so of course this makes it all worse when the negative spiral starts and reaches critical mass: criticism after self-loathing; sadness into anger – until finally, everything is wrong again with no way out … Until now!

Drop the judgement first, then accept there will always be bad days because we live in an imperfect world full of people who are flawed like us. With these thoughts firmly planted within yourself, starting off at another new day becomes easier than ever before!

Drop the ‘Should’


It’s easy to say that ‘should’ is a word you never want in your vocabulary, but most of us have used this unhelpful term at some point.

When we use the word ‘should,’ what are we really telling ourselves?
We’re not just saying “I should be better.”
In fact, it goes even deeper than that …

When you tell yourself what SHOULD happen or how YOU SHOULD act instead of accepting who YOU ARE and taking joy from every minute detail about life as it unfolds around us – then perfectionism has taken over. You’ve become caught up in an endless cycle because now anything less than perfect isn’t good enough – for those standards which were created by society rather than coming naturally from within

Eliminate certain words and phrases you tend to repeat in your head. If you use the word “should” often, it’s time to put it aside so that those judgmental thoughts about yourself will start slowing down in their frequency.

Stop Seeking Validation

When you look outside of yourself for validation, it’s easy to let your guard down because there always seems like someone who will help bring us back up again when we’re feeling low.

But this can lead people into dangerous territory in which they rely on others entirely too much – what if that person was no longer around?

While we may want to seek out help from others, it’s crucial we never forget who we are. Take a moment and remind yourself of your own worth – you don’t need validation from anyone else!

Forget the Past

It’s time to let go. When you make a mistake, acknowledge the error and move on. Getting caught up in shame or guilt only hurts you in the long run – nobody is perfect! Forgive yourself and move on; remember that we all make mistakes from time to time!

Know Your Strengths

You’ve been through a lot, and it’s totally fine to admit that you’re not perfect. But still – be proud of yourself for all the good things in life you do!

In order to restore your self-worth after negative experiences or setbacks, take time now and then just to list off all those awesome qualities which make you truly great.

It could be anything that makes you a human being: from your sense of humor to your all-natural ability to care for others and be kind. Make sure you always know what’s going on, especially when so many people are willing to put you down at any moment.

If someone else is trying to bring you down, remember the list in your head and see it through their eyes.
Is this person really saying these things about me?
Am I really as horrible as they say I am?
What can I do now to help them realize that I’m not the awful person they’re projecting onto me right here and now?
They may never change – but if they don’t, then it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you. Chances are, you’re fine just the way you are – and that’s a great thing!

If you pay attention to these five traits, it is quick and easy to regain your sense of self-worth. The trick is to be alert, and act quickly when a negative thought arises so that you can keep yourself progressing forward in your journey. You’re going to be okay, and you deserve happiness!

Now that you know these tips for restoring your self-worth, make sure you use them each day. This way, if someone does try to put you down or treat you poorly, it will be much easier to get over the negative experience quickly.

Even more importantly:  remember that YOU are fantastic just the way you are, beautiful in every single way!


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