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This time we're talking with a U.K. based online marketing expert, Wayne Crowe. Now he started his business around about 18 years ago from his bedroom, with just a £25 investment, and has now carried that through to making more than £150,000 per month. He's the mastermind behind the OLSP System, Traffic Dominator FB Group & courses such as Traffic Domination, 30 Day Email Journey Hacks, and so much more.
Wayne Crowe, it's a pleasure to meet you.

It's awesome to be on here, mate.

8 years, you must be doing something right.
How did it all start for you?

I started in the house I'm still living in, in what is now my daughter's room. And like a lot of people, you start this thing online and you wonder what it's all about. That's how I started, literally from a bedroom I can see out my office window. That's exactly how it started all those years ago.

Fantastic. Whereabouts are you based?

In Norwich, Norfolk..

Okay. And you're still in the same house. I mean, have you not been tempted with the revenue that's been generated over the years to buy the big mansion with the swimming pool at the back?

I don't know about that. I want to move abroad, but it's the wife. It's the wife. I want to move to Spain, that's where I've got my heart set on. But yeah, the wife, our families all nearby so it's that kind of situation. Plus I don't really want a big house, if I'm honest. I do like where we live, and if or when we move, it will be overseas, somewhere warmer.

Yeah. So Spain is definitely high on the agenda. And of course, I always say when you buy a big house it just means more cleaning to do as well.

That's exactly what I think. Exactly what I think. I'm not a Hoover and dustbin type of person, so the bigger the house, the bigger the work you have to do.

Yeah, absolutely. So, Wayne, we talked about the fact that you've gone from a £25 investment.
What was life like for you back then?

It was tough. I worked in a factory. I was working three shifts per month. So one week I'd be doing a wake up at 5:00 AM, work until 2:00 PM. Then the next week I'd do 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM. The next week, 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. I'd done that for seven years and it absolutely destroyed me in the end. But one thing I absolutely hated was working for someone else, a boss who was just put there. You've got a lot of the time, no respect for him. They don't seem to work that hard, but somehow they're managed to be your boss, telling you what to do. And that used to drive me absolutely nuts.

So what tempted you to look at the internet as an escape?

I don't know. I've always been, especially when I was younger, I was a gamer. I was always into strategy games. So it's that kind of thought pattern and you think 'Oh, I wonder if I can earn money at my computer?'
Like a lot of people when you start, there must be something I can do to earn £20 an hour, $20 an hour, where I can just sit on my computer and do it. And that's how I started, much like a lot of people, I think. I just went to Google and put in how to make money online, and that's pretty much how I started.

Fantastic. I mean, from that obviously your business has grown, but what was your earliest success?
What was the thing that compelled you to continue doing this?

My earliest success. I'll remember this for pretty much the rest of my life.
I used to sell stuff online. Okay. So I used E-commerce and we absolutely dominated Google for one search, then  managed to get it to number one for everything. And I remember taking all these to the post office, filled the car up, this one product, take it to the post office. And I remember going to the bank afterwards and I withdrew £500 which is about what, $700, something like that. And I thought, wow, I've got £500 in my bank. And now, thinking back, you think, wow. To think £500 is a lot of money, well it is when you've got new money, because literally I was always in the overdraft. And that was the first time I thought, you know what? This stuff really works. Really, really works, just from that 500 quid.

And how did it snowball for you from there, and how quickly did it snowball?

I think I was a bit of a slow burner to be honest. Because I mean, from then we were seeing good success, but the supplier of that product dried up so we had to look for the next product. We found the best seller on Amazon. We imported it from China and literally we couldn't import it quick enough. It was a number one best seller on Amazon. It was a grey product so Amazon themselves weren't allowed to sell it, but it was allowed to be sold on Amazon. We sold tonnes of it. And that led me into doing more and more E-commerce.
And then I actually met a guy in a taxi. I went to taxi. So from the factory, I was like, well, I need to take this internet thing seriously so I left the factory, went and become a taxi driver so I could knock the days on the head one day at a time. And I met a guy in the taxi who I just started speaking to and he just shut down his E-commerce business, so we formed a partnership. And from there we literally, or I literally, took that business from zero to 27 staff in about two years, all from zero money, just through pretty much hard work. And that was fantastic.

You get to that stage where it's no longer about how much you turn over or how many staff you've got ... You think what kind of life do I want?

From there I just went on and bought other business. I started to realise how creative I was with money, funnily enough, and numbers. I started to buy businesses that were doing well with zero money.

I bought another business and another business. But then, at one point I think I probably had 70 staff, which is an insane number of people, but I'd done this internet marketing thing not to have 70 staff, I'd done it 'to do what I want when I wanted to do it'. So I actually stopped all of those businesses, stepped back and thought what do I really want? You get to that stage, don't you, I think where it's no longer about how much you turn over or how many staff you got, you think what kind of life do I want? And that's what led to where I am now, is I've stopped everything. I want to use all my skills, all of my knowledge I've built up to transform my life in the way I want. I made the plan and luckily it worked out.

This is excerpt from Wayne's full interview available on the Marketing Master's Podcast 


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