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Why People Struggle Maintaining Routines

If routines are so important and they deliver significant benefits, why do people struggle to maintain them?

There are many reasons why a person might struggle to keep up with daily routines. These include:

  • Routines are perceived as boring
  • They didn’t set up an effective routine
  • They aren’t a quick fix
  • The unpredictability of life
  • It is hard work to maintain a routine

There is no denying that routines do have a boring reputation. Let’s face it, most of us were dying to get away from the routines our parents set for us as we entered adulthood. It was great being able to do what we wanted when we wanted.

Unfortunately, this is where many bad habits tend to develop. If you want to create a powerful routine, you need to change your mindset and see it as a helpful tool rather than a boring task.

A common reason why a lot of people struggle with their routines is that they are unrealistic. It could be that they have tried to change too many things at once. Or they may need to tweak the routine slightly to accommodate for any issues they have faced along the way. Not all routines are equal, so you need to know how to create an effective one to match your needs.

Daily routines also are not a quick fix for people’s problems. When looking to improve certain aspects of our lives, a daily routine isn’t something that instantly springs to mind. It takes time to develop good habits and break bad ones. So, it’s easy to get discouraged when you start a routine if you don’t see frequent results.

Of course, a big reason why daily routines are hard to stick to is that they aren’t easy. Sticking to a routine of any kind takes commitment and discipline. Often, when people fall off the wagon, they feel like there is no point continuing. You need to know that you will struggle initially to follow the routine, but it will become easier in time.

Warning Signs Of Deeper Problems

While sticking to a daily routine is naturally tricky when you first start, an inability to stick to one could also point to a deeper issue. Perhaps you have spent hours creating several different routines, but none of them work, no matter how hard you try? The problem could be you are trying to change the wrong thing.

Take work, for example. You may be currently trying to improve your performance through your daily routine. However, deep down, you hate your job. This would mean, even if you were to improve your performance, you wouldn’t feel any happier or more fulfilled. Instead, it would help if you focused on a routine that enables you to find a job you are passionate about.

So, if you have had trouble sticking to a routine for a while now, it could be a sign that something deeper is going on. Identifying what truly is holding you back will help you figure out how to move forward.

Life-Area Routines

Morning Routine

The great thing about daily routines is that they can work well in various areas of your life. You can create general routines, or you can create separate ones for different things. Let’s look at which areas of life work particularly well with routine.

Powering Mind, Body, And Spirit

Daily routines are great for powering your mind, body, and spirit. You can use them to boost positivity, improve gratitude and reduce the symptoms of conditions such as depression and anxiety. They can also help you sleep better and more soundly.

Having an effective nighttime schedule, for example, results in more restful sleep, making you feel much more refreshed in the mornings. This will make it much easier to stick to your morning routine. You will feel energized and ready to take on whatever the day has in store for you. You can incorporate mindfulness into your day, with activities such as journaling helping to boost the spirit.

Getting And Staying Fit

Daily routines can also be highly effective at helping you to get and stay fit. One of the leading reasons many of us don’t get enough exercise is that we feel we don’t have time. With a daily routine, exercise is scheduled, eliminating the time issue.

Of course, it isn’t always about a lack of time that causes us to avoid getting fitter. A daily routine can also positively impact your mental health. This will make you much more likely to stick to a daily exercise routine.

You can also use it to eliminate bad habits that are getting in the way of becoming fitter. Helping you to stay motivated, a routine makes it easier to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Streamlining Home and Family Activities

Life can get extremely hectic, especially when you have kids! If you find it a constant struggle to juggle home and family life, a daily routine could be just what you need.

You can create a routine that helps you clean and declutter the home. It is easy to leave certain cleaning tasks when you have had a long day. However, when they are scheduled, you will get them done without really thinking about it.

As well as helping to keep the home cleaner, a routine can also prove invaluable when you are trying to organize your kid’s schedules. Keeping on top of appointments, after school activities and your commitments can feel overwhelming without one.

Did you know you can also create more targeted routines? For example, you could create one specifically for your finances and bills. Scheduling them into your day will ensure you stay on top of things, greatly reducing stress.

Kids cleaning routine

Don’t forget you can use a routine for fun stuff too. Making time for relaxation and fun in your day is crucial. Try and set aside at least 30 minutes a day if you can, purely to do something you enjoy.

Personal Empowerment

Finally, a daily routine can also help with personal empowerment. If you are looking to improve yourself and learn new things, you can accomplish anything with the right routine.

Perhaps you are looking to improve upon your flaws? If you aren’t currently very productive, you can use a daily routine to boost your productivity. Or if you want to become better with time management, it can help you with that too. By taking time out for yourself in your routine, you are showing yourself that you are important. This can boost your confidence and help you to set healthier boundaries.

Maybe you struggle to say no, and this creates a lot of additional stress in your life? With a boost to your empowerment, you’ll feel more at ease saying no to the things you don’t want to or can’t do.

These are just some of the ways daily routines can aid in different areas of your life.
As you can see, no matter what it is you are looking to improve, a daily routine can help.


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