Why your Business Needs a Blog

It is often said that customers buy from people that they know, like, and trust. A blog is a great way to provide all three of these facets. Better yet, blog posts can promote your business around the clock.

When customers read blog posts, they learn about your products and services in an informal setting that puts them at ease. A blog post is not a sale pitch but rather an informative article that provides solutions to real-world problems while still highlighting your brand and its best features. 

Bloggers focus on creating content that both educates and entertains their visitors with minimal promotion. Most blog readers visit a blog because they are interested in finding more information from someone who has already tried or encountered the topic discussed. (i.e., customer reviews).

Connecting with customers is crucial to any business these days. 

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With so many options, customers want to feel heard and want their purchases to improve their quality of life. Blogs can be a relevant and fun communication channel between your business and customers.

There are many reasons why a blog could help your business, but here are some of the most important:

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Blogs boost SEO

Search engine optimization can be a challenging task. However, blog posts and articles are constantly being indexed, giving you a double SEO boost.

Your blog is optimized in many ways: meta-tags are built right into blog post titles, and blog post content becomes part of the overall site design. You’ll also get ranking boosts on all of the keywords used throughout your blog posts from search engines like Google, which means more targeted customers for you (since they’ve gone through an organic process of finding your business).

Having a blog that identifies your business through non-commercial writing can be an easy and effective way to attract customers that otherwise might not have found you online. Blogs also can attract customers who didn’t even know they were looking to make a purchase, a potentially valuable untapped market.

Blogs give your company a voice

With so much market saturation, customers are looking for something unique. Not only do they want the best value for their money, but they look for companies whose visions and values are parallel to their own. Blogs can be a great way to give your company a relatable and friendly voice, communicating personally and being a trustworthy expert in your industry field.

By giving your company a voice, you can personify your business values while providing the background and history of your company in a friendly and approachable way. It’s easier to trust an individual with a voice than a faceless corporation. You can use your business blog to personally communicate with a mass group of potential customers.

Blogs encourage conversation

Blogs begin conversations that a business owner is not always privy to. Your blog comments will give you direct information about what customers think of your blog and posts and allow them to communicate with each other if they have shared experiences or interests. In addition, interaction on blog posts allows for a deeper connection between visitors and owners.

People who choose to subscribe through email likely want updates from you, so their inbox becomes the perfect target for blog updates. You can also add share buttons across your blog and website, allowing more people to spread your blog post by sharing it with friends or reposting it on social media sites.

Both business and the internet are about connection. Blogs allow you to start a conversation with your audience. Your blogs can spark discussions and comments, and you, as a business, have the chance to respond and interact with individuals who are interested in your industry or blog topics.

Always try to respond to comments or questions on your blog promptly!

Blogging gives you insight into your demographic

When you blog, content and statistics become available to you. You can track what is bringing in visitors, how long they visit your blog before leaving, and much more. This gives blog owners the insight into their customers that a simple Google search cannot provide.

Be sure to stay consistent with blog topics as well! Consistent blog posts make it easier for your audience to follow your site and business growth.

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Even if you’re on social media, blogging will become the heart of your accounts, central to your online presence. Posting links to your blogs and posting links to your social media on your blogs can help cultivate a clientele that responds to your company’s values. Blogs also allow you to track readers, click-throughs, popular shares, comments, and topics. All this information can give you insight into your readers’ interests and what keeps them coming back!

Blogging is a great way to connect with your customers, create content that they find valuable and interesting, and build an online presence.  In addition, blogs allow you to gather important insights into what your visitors are interested in and track readership statistics, which can provide invaluable information about how people interact with your site.

If you’re looking for ways to communicate better with potential customers and build that essential Know, Like & Trust, blogging might be the answer!


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Alicia Lyttle

Alicia Lyttle